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A history is a success story when it revolves around the customer’s success.

Even as long ago as 1978 – when Dermatest was founded by the dermatologist and allergist Dr Werner Voss – the aim was not just to conduct tests that are scientifically approved and dermatologically sound but to generate real customer value.

Nowadays, our work involves converting dermatological research techniques into expedient, practical procedures and developing internationally recognised allergological testing processes: we gain satisfaction every single day from achievements that contribute towards our clients’ long-term success. Our regular customers in the cosmetic industry, on both the domestic and the international markets, appreciate our accumulated dermatological competence and reliability. We conduct customised dermatological studies in a short space of time and an academically objective manner, consistently meeting the high standards imposed by our clients. Our assessments, certificates and the original Dermatest seal of approval are a byword for quality and the basis for trust.

To ensure we continue to meet these standards in the future, our exceptionally capable team of experienced dermatologists, allergists, biologists and food technicians regularly liaise with universities, institutes and other research institutions to stay abreast of the latest developments in both science and cosmetics for the benefit of our clients. With a wealth of experience and expertise at our fingertips, we are at our customers’ service for professional advice and consultation on all matters connected with dermatology and cosmetics.