EU-Project SkinTreat

SkinTreat pursues the development and testing of new biotechnical and nanotechnical technologies, with the objective of achieving a configuration of active agents or active agent transport vehicles that is as precise as possible, with respect to selected skin ailments and subpathologic skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and acute UV-related skin damage, in their individual context. The project has triggered a new generation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic product ranges along with individual, customer-oriented service activities. The project has comprised the development of a custom skin diagnostic system based on dermatological and biological analyses of a person’s individual skin problem along with the development of a personal skin therapy programme. A bioinformation system is being developed in which the dermatologist is supported in analysing a breadth of different dermatological and biological skin markers, with the aim of achieving a significant improvement in the diagnosis of personal skin problems. The diagnosis is intended to be followed by a custom-configured skin care product, the formulation of which is optimised for the acute skin profile. 

As a clinical partner, Dermatest® has played a leading role within the SkinTreat consortium, and was responsible for putting together the test groups of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and UV damage patients and taking the necessary biological samples. Moreover, the tasks performed by Dermatest® included conducting clinical tests to investigate the efficacy and tolerability of all cosmetic pilot products and performing a survey study to examine the product‘s acceptance among patients and customers, in the form of a feedback analysis.


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