Five-star seal

The five-star seal describes long-term application trials that offer the greatest possible safety in order to exclude subsequent skin reactions of the entire buyer and consumer group to the greatest extent possible: products tested in this way receive the rating ‘Clinically tested’.
The five-star seal represents the Original DERMATEST® premium segment. Trials bearing this mark of distinction go far beyond determining the possible degree of skin irritation. Amongst others a sensitizing effect can be largely excluded due to the trial of 4 weeks. More complex time scales and demands on volunteers, who are specifically selected for the requirements of the respective test, are just as much a standard feature as the measuring of the most diverse physiological skin parameters. They may include such aspects as testing and observing the effectiveness, application safety and the tolerance of a product over a longer period of time. The tests take place exactly at the point of administration: an eye cream, for instance is therefore investigated on the eye area and eyelid.

dermatest quality seal 5 star

Typical features of a five-star seal:

  • Performance of the study under dermatological control
  • A representative and internationally recommended number of volunteers who match certain criteria (skin type, age, etc.)
  • Trial period of at least four weeks
  • Application on defined areas of skin (face cream on the face, foot cream on the feet, etc.)

To guarantee a maximum of quality, the given standards are often complemented. Typical additional features can be:

  • Measurement of physiological skin parameters
  • Questionnaire for the evaluation of subjective experience or product properties
  • Consultation with other medical specialists (paediatrician, ophthalmologist, gynaecologist, dentist, etc.)
  • Final epicutaneous patch test to exclude an allergy which could have developed during the trial period

This five-star test not only provides the highest level of assurance with regard to possible intolerances to the tested product that may be experienced by subsequent buyers and user groups. For testing carried out according to the standards specified above without reactions in the volunteers, DERMATEST® awards the five-star seal and underlines this with the ‘Clinically tested’ statement.

For the exact identification of the 5-star-guarantee seal, the respective date of the award is indicated in the seal motif, and the Internet address leads to further information on the test design.


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