In use of the different skin models shown, we can carry out a variety of analyzes at Dermatest®, some of which are not possible in cooperation with test persons.

Particularly, studies are to be carried out according to OECD guidelines, such as:

  • Irritation test (OECD TG 439, ECVAM),
  • Corrosion resistance, (OECD TG 431, ECVAM),
  • Eye Irritation Testing OECD TG 492 (ECVAM).


The following features can be investigated by using the skin models:
  • Product compatibility,
  • Inflammation (dynamics of the inflammatory process by determination of different interleukins),
  • Phototoxicity (UV irradiation) Protection against UV rays (sun protection) as well as dynamics of the regeneration process,
  • Integrity of the skin barrier,
  • Tissue and cell viability (also ET-50),
  • Epidermal differentiation / stratification, regularity of the entachment process,
  • Integrity of the dermo-epidermal zone,
  • Wound healing studies,
  • Pigmentation lightening studies
  • Hydration studies (corneometry & TEER measurement),
  • Anti-aging studies, establishment phase,
  • Penetration / permeation studies, establishment phase,
  • Sensitization and allergy potential of substances, establishment phase.


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